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Auto Post Live Craigslist Ads in Less Than 30 Minutes!
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    Auto Post Live Craigslist Ads in Less Than 30 Minutes!

    Only $19.95/mo

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    Easy To Manage Ads

    Easy To Manage Ad's

    Manage your ad campaigns with just a single click, as a result AdClimber will do the job for you.

    Auto ReNew Ads

    Auto Re-New Feature

    Since 2000, we have provided a easy to use renew feature for Craigslist. However it is now available exclusively for Facebook Marketplace as well.

    AI Based Randomizer

    AI Based Randomizer

    Our "IntelliPost algorithm" combined with deep neural net randomization results in effective validation of ads, in conclusion you'll have more live ads.

    Campaign Manager

    Compaign Manager

    Easily organize your adverts and postings anytime with single click campaign managers.

    Suntainable Ads

    Sustainable Ad's

    With 20 years in market we are one of the best at sustaining your oldest ads.

    Run Ads

    Post Multiple Ad's in One Go

    With the addition of Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist you can now post multiple ads exclusively on both sites.

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    Unlike our competitors, we are two steps ahead of the competition always. We have prepared a solution that gives you a much more comprehensive advertising capabilities besides posting on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace. Craigslist Auto Posting Software and Facebook Marketplace Posting Software. are definitely most visited classified sites in the world let alone one of the top 10 traffic websites overall in the world. Ad Climber has something more to offer as a service and as a top Craigslist and Facebook marketplace posting software.

    We have developed the intelliPost algorithm. This smart system is going to track your Craigslist advertisements but optimize timing and relevancy of you postings. Syndicating your content on the Internet to sites like, Facebook, Google Plus, eBay classifieds, etc and naturally Craigslist and Facebook marketplace. It is important to reach more of an audience than just Craigslist and Facebook marketplace customers that’s why we are constantly adding new portals and services to push your business out to.

    Ad Climber will be the only software out there that will offer you all of these portals as well as nationwide cities using your multiple accounts at the same time for posting and seamless IP and proxy integration if necessary.

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