Multiple Accounts in One Software

You can use unlimited number of craigslist accounts with our system. It is up to you if you want to run your campaign between 1 or 10 accounts. If you have more then one account with us and want to have the same ads between all your accounts, you can simply synchronize all accounts with the main one. By doing this step, you won’t have to re-create any adverts on other accounts!


Auto Deletion for Facebook

Our software is hands-down the best Facebook Marketplace posting software on the internet. Even going as far as having Auto deletion features that will not cause your account to look spammy on Facebook and causing future problems with it be blocked or put into a Sandbox and have your ads ghosted for months at a time. What our Auto deletion script does is as soon as you post that identical ad again it will simply remove the old version and replace it with the new one thus showing Facebook Marketplace you only have one version of that ad up at a time. Keeping in mind our software can make hundreds of versions of that same ad keeping you broadly advertised and in view of your potential customers 24 hours a day.