Posting Craigslist&more


Posting was never such an easy thing. We implemented Campaigns to ease the process of organizing your workflow. Once you create adverts to post you can simply pack them into Campaigns that are specified for selected cities.

The idea is to simplify organizing your sale, eg. You can create campaign for specific cities that contains only some kind of your adverts.


If you add your facebook & google+ accounts to the system then our platform will post all the ads to your pages so you can reach more views. Another role of posting your links to social media is our tracking system that is one in kind to see how many views your craigslist adverts are getting.


Multiple Accounts


You can use unlimited number of craigslist accounts with out system. It is up to you if you want to run your campaign between 1 or 10 accounts.


If you have more then one account with us and want to have the same ads between all your accounts, you can simply synchronize all accounts with the main one. By doing this step, you won't have to re-create any adverts on other accounts!


Free Website

Simple, fast and consistent

Once you set an account with us you are getting a chance to create website to expose your products in less then 2 minutes. Sounds awesome ? Yes, and we tell you more - if you already have your products in AdClimber you can move them to your website with 2 clicks of mouse!



Backlink building

We at AdClimber understand how important is to promote your company, products and finding a new ways to get new clients. That's why we developed simple system to share your company website links with specified keywords around the web!


Unique look&Functions


You probably have seen competitors software and you will agree with us that it looks...crap. We couldn't be like them as we respect our clients and we love good looking things. Taking things in and out we crafted our software with all the details in mind. We gave our best to ease your experience and learning curve with new tool.


Unconventional way of development and innovative approach lead us to implement many unique and useful functions that you won't find in any other software on the market. Craigslist posting, facebook and google+ integration, proxy, adverts tracking and much more packed in tiny piece of application!

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